Granbury Cloggers

The Granbury Cloggers is a dancing group, and this is our website. We welcome guests and new members to dance with us. Book a performance today!

Granbury Cloggers

We have been around for years, dating back to the early 80s. At that time, there was a specific instructor; however, over the years, that concept has changed. We are one of the few groups that allow any of our members to teach a routine. Since we have no paid instructor, we can keep the monthly dues low. The dues are used to pay for YMCA rent, purchase costumes, materials, CDs, mirrors, sound systems, props, convention hotel rooms, and other costs that come up along the way. There are three classes: beginner, easy intermediate, and intermediate+. We meet Tuesday nights at Hood County YMCA.


  1. Beginner Class: 6:00-6:30
  2. Easy Intermediate Class: 6:30-7:00
  3. Intermediate+ Class: 7:00-7:30
  4. Ask about private lessons!

Anyone 9 to 99 can come - boys, girls, men, and women!


Dues are $25 per month for intermediate classes and $20 per month for beginner classes.



Routines are put together by individual choreography, clogging websites, conventions, and YouTube. Each class becomes more difficult with different steps. The group is not a dance studio that charges for each dance class. Anyone who joins may come for one class or all three without additional charge. Advancement in classes and performance participation is encouraged!


We have performed at many places including nursing & retirement homes in Hood County and surrounding counties, business openings, Granbury 4th of July, Granbury Bean Cook-Off, malls, Peanut Festival in Morgan, Lipan's Kick-a-Poo Festival, Tolar's Fire Department fund raiser, Relay for Life, Glen Rose Dinosaur Festival, Granbury Tour of Homes in the Christmas Season, church activities, wedding receptions, and more. We don't charge for performances, but we appreciate iced water!




Marcia Kunkel

My name is Marcia Kunkel, and I am one of the oldest cloggers. I always enjoyed going to the square with my family and watching the Granbury Cloggers perform. On one such performance, they handed out flyers regarding a Saturday workshop. I went and after more than 30 years, I am still dancing with the group. I absolutely love our group. We laugh and make light of ourselves. These cloggers are like an extension of my family. Of course, the exercise is a plus, too. It's fun to go to various places and perform, especially nursing homes and retirement centers.

One of my favorite songs is Mountain Music, but I love so many of the other songs, too. I try to go to the conventions and workshops every year. I host the classes for the Granbury Cloggers in my barn. I generally teach the beginner classes. And, I make it to every class, since I live right next to our "studio."


Cheryn Porter

I have been clogging with the Granbury Cloggers for about 20 years. I love dancing and clogging is great exercise for me. I am one of the instructors, although anyone can teach a song. We learn a lot of our songs at the conventions some of us attend in Waco twice a year. Some of my favorite songs are Honey I'm Good, Little Red Riding Hood, Little White Church, and Sold. Clogging is lots of fun and I have met some lifelong friends. I encourage everyone to give it a try.


Allison Clemons

My name is Allison Clemons and I have been clogging for around 22 years. I started when I was 9 years old. My mom wanted me to learn how to clog. It took me 5 years to get into the intermediate class. I thought I would never "get it," until one day, clogging just clicked. From then on, I never looked back.

Clogging is a huge passion in my life. And, clogging with the Granbury Cloggers is my second home. I love my clogging family. I teach the intermediate plus class. I love making up songs and teaching them to the class. My favorite song to dance to is Old Time Rock & Roll. It gets the crowd excited when they hear the song. Another song that I love to dance to is Bop. My hope is to forever clog well into my later years.


Dixie Burns

I saw the Granbury Cloggers perform on July 4, 2004 and thought it looked like so much fun. I saw an ad in the paper that featured the beginner class. I tried it out and loved it. I have now been clogging for 12 years. It is such good exercise and such a wonderful group. I have made so many good friends. Marcia is a great leader.


Fern Bailey

My life as a Granbury Clogger - I have been clogging for 13 years. I took up clogging to become a better dancer, to meet new people, and for great exercise. My favorite songs to dance to are Amazing Grace and Old Time Rock & Roll.


Beverly Ward

I have always wanted to learn how to clog. So, after reading an ad in the Hood County News announcing a beginner clogging class, I called the number and talked to Marcia. My first question was my biggest concern, "Am I too old to learn to clog?" I was surprised to find that several of the cloggers were my age or older. That was almost 5 years ago, and I enjoy it even more today.

Our dance instructors are, in my opinion, the best in the business. And, the dancers have become valued friends. But, for me, clogging goes far beyond the social and health benefits to an opportunity of ministry. My favorite part of clogging is performing at our local nursing homes. To see them smile, clap their hands, and shuffle their feet at the sound of a familiar song makes all hours of practice well worth the effort.


Nell Long

I started clogging about 8 years ago at age 70. I never had danced of any kind before. I absolutely love it. The group we have is great. We have a terrific time. It is great fun and exercise. I highly recommend it!


Jane Williams

I was first introduced to clogging in 1989 when my daughter began lessons. I loved the music and the dance steps and started learning her dances at home. The next year the teacher started a parent class for clogging. So I took lessons for a year. We moved away from the area and it wasn't until we moved to Granbury in 2012 that I saw an article in the hood county news about a local clogging group. I couldn't wait to check it out and I have been with the group ever since. 


Karen Hicks



Beverly Hobby


Becky Rizer